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Mentor Teacher Distinction

Mentor Teacher Training 

Training Description: This training prepares local educators to become certified Mentor Teachers who will support undergraduate residents, post-baccalaureate candidates, and developing teachers in their district. Beginning September 1, 2020, Mentor Teacher certification will be required to host a resident teacher.

Mentor Teacher training focuses on improving participants’ knowledge of essential content, content pedagogy, and methods to support others in their development of these concepts and skills. These following skills and knowledge are at the core of Mentor Teacher training:

  • Building strong relationships with their resident/teachers
  • Identifying and addressing the needs of residents/teachers based on teacher preparation competencies
  • Implementing regular observation and feedback cycles to deliver resources and coaching for residents/teachers
  • Tracking resident/teacher progress and facilitating self-reflection and improvement.

To be eligible for certification, Mentor Teachers must also pass the training-aligned Louisiana Mentor Teacher Assessment Series.


Mentor Teacher Training Providers

How to add Mentor certification to your Louisiana Teaching License:

Do you meet any of the following?

  • Mentor Teacher Training
    • Successful completion of a BESE-approved mentor teacher training program
    • Passing score on the Louisiana mentor teacher assessment series
  • Educational Leadership Certification / or Other Leadership Certifications
  • NIET Evaluator
  • CLASS Evaluator
  • Supervision of Student Teaching

If so… Complete:

Mentor Teacher Application – August 2021

Mentor Teacher Add-on for Certified Teachers (PDF)

  • Complete both forms digitally. Handwritten forms will no longer be accepted.
  • Use LDOE Portal to pay application fee
  • Return BOTH forms and payment confirmation to Emily Stanford (

 *** $25 fee required as of August 1, 2021

How to be a Mentor while working on certification to add to your Louisiana Teaching License:

Ancillary Provisional Mentor Teacher Certification (coming soon!)
(Valid 1 year, nonrenewable) *** No certification fee required

  • Hold a valid type C, level 1 or higher Louisiana teaching certificate –or- have at least two years of successful teaching if serving in a charter school
  • Enrolled in a BESE-approved mentor training program


September 2020:


Beginning on 10/20/2020, the new policy change scales down the required number of assessments from six to four individual assessments in the Elementary Mentor assessment series. The recommendations BESE received in June include:

Departmentalized Elementary teachers take the two content assessments in their area of specialization

Elementary teachers who teach both ELA and Mathematics take one assessment in each content area

Please refer to this training and assessment series guidance document for details about which pathway is best suited for a teacher depending on his/her teaching assignment.

The notes below outline a few details about the implementation of this policy.

  • For educators enrolled on BloomBoard prior to 8/1/2020, by 9/15/2020, BloomBoard will automatically update accounts to reflect the change in assessment requirements.
  • Educators enrolled after 8/1/2020, will see updates after training providers have submitted training pathways and training start date in the new updated enrollment form. The updated form and details will be distributed to providers on 9/4/2020.
  • After 9/15/2020, participants will have access to print a BloomBoard assessment completion certificate identifying completion of the appropriate four individual assessments from their BloomBoard profile.
  • On 10/20/2020, participants that have completed the appropriate four individual assessments can apply for certification.
  • Participants planning to host an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate resident in the 2020-2021 school year, should apply for a provisional certificate to serve in the role for the year. Once they qualify, they should submit an application for the full ancillary certificate anytime within the year after 10/20/2020.

July 2020:


At the June BESE meeting, the Board received this report on the assessments required for the Mentor Teacher credential.

The report includes recommendations relative to strengthening the assessment series, including:

· Reduced artifact requirements and updated, clarified assessment rubrics

· Scaled-down (from six to four) and restructured Elementary assessments

· Ongoing and increased technical assistance to approved Mentor training providers

The Department is convening a workgroup this month of current Elementary training providers to further advise on the implementation considerations around reducing the Elementary assessments for non-departmentalized educators. The recommendations from this workgroup will be discussed during the July preparation provider webinar.